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Website Design & Social Media

Website design is constantly evolving, to keep in sync with user preferences and desires, to make it more responsive for mobile devices, and to increase loading speed so that sites aren’t prematurely abandoned. Also trending in website design is a more flat design which features scrollable content rather than content which has to be clicked on. Any website designed prior to the explosion of smart phone usage is probably severely outmoded and possibly obsolete.


Social media management is becoming more and more a cornerstone of most companies marketing and advertising strategies, simply because there are billions of users participating in the social media every day. That fact alone makes social media management extremely important for all businesses, and a prime channel to be targeted for marketing and advertising.

Custom design and Development

More and more people are connecting to the Internet via their smartphones, which means website design must fully take that into account, and maximize the browsing experience for mobile devices. This means that fewer clicks must be designed into website pages, lower data usage must be featured, and less bandwidth must be required for the transmission of data.

Websites today must be capable of adjusting content to fit the screen of any kind of device which accesses it, so that all content can be displayed within the framework of the device used. Another strong trend in website design and development is an increased level of interaction between the website and the user. More images, video, and multimedia content are being included, so as to keep users engaged with your website, and to make content more digestible. Video in fact, has become the favored type of content for most Internet users, and this means that video needs to be incorporated into practically every website.

Storytelling is another engaging component of web design which can capture a user’s attention and involve them to a much greater extent than simple text might. For instance, when you can tell a story about your company and its founding and struggles through the years, it resonates much more deeply with readers than a simple history text.

The bottom line on website design and development is that it should, in most cases be the centerpiece of your company’s online presence, and should serves as your window to the rest of the world. This means that it must be fully attuned to all the most useful practices of today, as well as being an attractive and informative site for users.

Social Media Management

Most businesses have finally come to grips with the fact that having a social media presence is an absolute requirement in business today. If you are not actively involved on the social media, your competitors are probably gaining more market share every day by taking advantage of their own social media presence. While many people participating in the social media are merely there for the social aspect of it, your company’s motivation for being there should involve the necessity for reaching your target audience.

Good social media management involves discovering which of the platforms your target audience is most active on, and focusing your marketing and advertising efforts on reaching that audience on the specific social media platform. From there, you have to determine how committed you are to participating in the social media, because your company’s involvement can be anywhere from occasional to daily usage.

While it’s always worth monitoring what users are saying about your company and your products or services, it’s even better if you’re an active participant, responding to any questions or complaints about your brand. It might take a little getting used to, but if you really commit to interacting on the social media platforms, it can go a long way toward providing great visibility for your company, and for connecting with your desired target audience.

After discussing your company’s objectives and goals with regard to social media marketing, we can advise you on how best to proceed with your online presence, and we can give you all the tutoring needed in order to be successful as a user of the social media. Before long, you’ll be recognized by a good number of followers, and you will have the opportunity to build up some significant loyalty to your company brand.