Promotional Marketing and Fulfillment

Fulfillment and Marketing

Promotional Marketing & Fulfillment

If you can find a company that provides for all your needs regarding order fulfillment and marketing, and at an affordable price, that would be the easiest company to work with for fulfillment and marketing. When you’re looking for the right company to partner with, you should find one that has a high volume of product storage capacity, so that your inventory can be stored and easily maintained.


In addition to that, you’ll want to find a company that has a well-trained warehouse team that can provide outstanding picking, packing, and shipping services, so that orders can be shipped as quickly as possible. If necessary, a climate-controlled environment may need to be secured as well, especially if customers are ordering perishable items from you. If you need to ship internationally, that will be another consideration, and your ideal fulfillment company should also have an electronic shipping and delivery notification system, which should include fulfillment order tracking.

Order Planning

All your traditional orders will need to be processed through any fulfillment center that you work with, and hopefully orders are shipped out the same day that they are received. Fast turnaround time is a really good selling point for a fulfillment center, and it’s what your customers demand these days, so this is something you should require of your fulfillment partner.

If yours is a company which requires online ordering, the order fulfillment process should be very straightforward and user-friendly. Any fulfillment company that you’re working with probably even be willing to create a new website for your particular company’s order fulfillment, or they could integrate it into your existing computer system. Any web designs which are used can be modified to adopt your corporate logos and other identification symbols, so that the screens presented to customers are a total reflection of your company identity.

Warehousing & Distribution

The first thing that you need to be sure of in any warehousing and distribution center is that it is completely secure, and that it provides climate-controlled environments for any products which are sensitive to temperature. For example, any kinds of frozen foods, beauty products, or pet foods, will need to have climate-controlled environments included in the fulfillment solution. You will also want to be able to track the status of all your inventory, so that it can be effectively managed, and so you’ll know when various items are low in stock.

If you have inventory being warehoused at multiple locations, your fulfillment provider will need to have some sophisticated software which can manage inventory across multiple locations. When it comes time for shipping, you will need a first-class shipping service that can handle both domestic and international requirements.

Address verification will have to be a part of any shipping system you choose, as well as electronic shipping and delivery notifications. Your business may require kitting services from your fulfillment partner, and if this is the case, you’ll have to make sure that those kinds of services can be handled by well-trained warehouse personnel, so that your customers are fully satisfied with the finished good products shipped to them.