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Media Planning, Buying, & Analysis

All businesses need marketing and advertising to succeed. The primary goal of Marketing is build recognition for your products and services and Media planning is a core marketing process. Media Planning is the process of identifying and selecting media outlets – mainly newspapers, magazines, websites, TV and radio stations, and outdoor placement. Wether you need to reach customers locally or nationwide our team of experts can help build a strategy for your media planning, buying, and analysis.

Media Planning

In order to properly advertise your goods or services, you’ll need to make good use of all media channels, including the social media. Social media platforms are visited by more than 3 billion people every single day. That sounds like a pretty hefty audience, doesn’t it? To connect with all those people, you’ll need to plan out which of the social media platforms will be best to focus your efforts, which has the most active users who are likely to buy your products or services. Our team has been involved since the inception of “Social Media” and has the experience to guide you to success. 

For instance, if you’re business is B2B focused, then you’d probably want to advertise on LinkedIn. If you want to get in touch with a mostly younger audience, you’d be better off concentrating on Snapchat or Instagram. Regardless of which social media platforms you choose though, you should keep your message consistent with all the other channels you use, e.g. radio, television, email marketing, etc. The first step in planning is to identify your true target audience, so you can direct your efforts at the most likely group of purchasers. Our team can do market and customer research to help develop a strategy that best suits your business goals.

Media Buying

Before you make any actual purchases for your media campaigns, you should have established a clearly defined budget, it’s easy to overspend and lower your ROI. As your orders for media marketing and advertising begin to get executed, you should keep a running tab on how those expenditures compare to your budget, so that the two figures stay in sync and your campaign stays on budget. 

During the execution of your media plan, it will occasionally be necessary to make tweaks to various ads, based on feedback and analytics. Your media representatives will keep you apprised of such developments, so that any necessary changes can be implemented without losing momentum for the overall campaign. In this way, the optimal message is delivered to your target audience, and you have the best chance of getting the maximum return on your investment. The Big Blue Mule team always ensures we keep you up to date with any developments as well as provide you with live analytics on any social platform. 

Analysis Marketing

Analysis is a crucial component of any marketing or advertising effort, because it tells you how your message is being received, and what kinds of changes may be necessary before conducting your next campaign. Without analyzing the success of your marketing efforts, you would not know whether or not your campaign was successful, and whether you actually reached the target audience you had in mind with your message. These days, there are a number of Analytics packages which can track everything about how users behave online, e.g. what they read, what they click on, what holds their attention.

These are all important things to know, and the cumulative numbers obtained by Analytics will give you a fairly clear idea how the public is receiving your campaign message, and whether or not your products and services are making an impression on them. When you have a good understanding of how people are reacting to your products, you’ll know exactly which points you should emphasize on your next campaign, and you’ll know which segment of people to target next time. Each successive campaign and analysis cycle should put you in better tune with your target audience, so you’ll eventually understand all their wants, needs, and pain points.

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