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Keywords & Copywriting

Trying to step into the ring of website building and online marketing strategies can seem like a bit of a hassle. Luckily, it’s not our first time to the rodeo. We can help you get the right SEO keywords and marketing copy for your website so that you don’t get lost in the weeds. One of the most important aspects of website building is the content of the website. Whether this comes from pertinent information or SEO friendly marketing copy, dynamic copy can drive sales conversions. That is why we at The Big Blue Mule offer copywriting services for our customers.

Keywords are the Key

A major feature of copywriting for websites is seeding your copy with accurate, relevant keywords. While general marketing copy is great, seeding your copy with keywords is always a good idea to make sure your website is relevant to google and other search engines. Whether this means focusing in on the various features of your products or services, or using longer keyword phrases throughout can help you rank higher. We use the latest methods of keyword discovery, analyzing keywords provided by you or through our discovery processes we calculate the most accurate keywords for your marketing copy. 

Rank On Google

The main thing good copy should do for your website is to help you rank higher on various search platforms, so you don’t get stuck in the doldrums of the internet. We can help you formulate content base don keywords that will not only bring customers into your website and business, we can also make sure you rank higher then your competitors.

Another important thing to consider when looking to create or purchase copywriting, as well as when in the stages of creative development, is giving your site a sense of authority. This can mean using reputable authors and sources in your copywriting, as well as making sure your website design and layout are easy to understand and approach. No one likes trying to struggle their way through a website, and even the smallest of details can help your customer base and ranking grow. Our copywriting services keep a balance between keyword seeding and accurate writing, while maintaining comfortable writing style.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to get your website off the ground. Here at The Big Blue Mule, we pride ourselves on serving business owners looking to step into the world of online marketing. With our creative and copywriting services, we can help make sure you don’t get lost in the mix of keywords, SEO, and grammar and punctuation and let you focus building your business. After all, it takes a village to raise a child, and a team of experts to create the perfect website to boost your business sky-high.

Content Development

Keywords & Copywriting Service Pricing

Content Copywriting Services

$49 word count

Blog posts are guided by your subject matter. Web pages the copywriter will incorporate any keywords you provide based on your keyword research.


  • Blog Post or Web Page: 400 words $49
  • Blog Post or Web Page: 600 words $74
  • Blog Post or Web Page: 1,000 words $123
  • Content Research: $65 per hour
  • Editing Services: $65 per hour
  • Keyword Discovery: $65 per hour