Advertising & Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Advertising & Marketing Strategy

To clear up any confusion about these two business functions, advertising is merely a single component of marketing, which endeavors to promote a business and its brand to a target audience. Advertising makes use of various channels such as radio, television, social media, and even billboards to promote a specific product offered by a company, and is only indirectly tied to the enhancement of the company brand in the eyes of consumers.


Before an effective advertising strategy can be devised, a good marketing strategy must already be in place, so as to ensure that the advertising efforts align with company goals and objectives. For instance, you probably wouldn’t want to develop an advertising strategy centered around selling off some prime Holsteins if the overall objective of your ranch is to grow the herd over the next few years.

Marketing Strategy

Let’s say your ranch has a herd of 1,000 Holsteins, and your company’s primary objective over the next five years is to increase awareness of your brand’s dairy products beyond local borders, into the surrounding states. With an increased demand for your milk and butterfat, you would then have the opportunity to grow your herd, so as to meet the greater demand for your products. Rather than jumping right into advertising about the benefits of your dairy products, you should begin by laying the groundwork for a sound marketing strategy.

The marketing strategy which you devise might include tactics which bring your company name to the attention of your target audience, and which point out your long presence in the industry, and your history of providing high quality dairy products to consumers. Some clever marketing might also develop a symbol of your ranch, which you promote consistently to the public, so as to associate that symbol with the core values of your company, which might be growing healthy children, feeding America, or simply being patriotic.

Advertising Strategy

So now that you have developed a marketing plan which will carry the message about your company to the entire surrounding area, how do you actually get people to buy dairy products from your company?

  • To accomplish this, it will be necessary to devise various strategies which promote the products themselves.
  • You will probably want to focus your efforts on those people whom you already know are regular consumers of milk, butter, cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products, for instance families with growing children.
  • Having identified your main target audience, you would next want to develop tactics which make it clear to your target audience how your products will fill a need they have, or solve a problem they have.
  • In this case, you might want to promote the health virtues of your dairy products, and how they invariably lead to healthier children, who eat less junk food and tend to appreciate foods which are better for them.
  • You may also want to promote the fact that milk contains nutrients vital for child development, such as calcium for proper bone growth, potassium for managing blood pressure, and Vitamin D, which has been linked to better heart health, better cognitive function, increased bone mass, and greater muscle strength.

The successful advertising and marketing strategy

To really make your advertising and marketing strategies successful, it will be necessary to demonstrate to your target audience not only that your dairy products offer tremendous value to consumers, but that your company is better at providing this value than any other company. Find a way to show that the very best solution to consumers’ need for dairy products is to buy your company’s versions of those products, and this is where you highlight any special characteristics provided by your ranch.


If you can match a good advertising campaign to an already successful marketing effort, you just might have consumers in all 50 states buying your milk.