Natural Frequency Products Website Re-Design

We just launched the redesign of the Natural Frequency Products ( Natural Frequency Products use a proprietary process of embedding the 7.83 Hz natural earth frequency into our jewelry. Enjoy the benefits of the 7.83 Hz with pain reduction, headache relief and much more. NFP needed a modern, responsive, and scalable e-Commerce platform in order to grow their company’s online sales.

The Old Site

The issue was that their website was a free website built on the Google Site. Although free is nice the site was not capable of selling their products effectively. Orders had to be processed offline during business hours. The website lacked modern features such as basic SEO and mobile device responsiveness.

The New Site

We worked closely with the owner of Natural Frequency Products to tear their existing site down to the studs and rebuild a new one from the ground up. Thanks to some hard work, creativity, and collaboration, we were able to turn the new Natural Frequency Products website into a one-stop shop for anyone interested in learning about grounding and purchasing frequency jewelry.

Along with the redesign of the site, we assisted with a rebrand, creating a more colorful and simple logo to represent their mission and ideals.

Here are before and after images of the site:

Old Website

New Website


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